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Brian Large

General Class-Amateur radio

Hello . I was liscensed in 1987. since then I have made many contacts all over the world. I enjoy the digital communications most and I can usually be found on 20 meter slow scan tv.Slow scan tv or sstv is a method of changing vidio into audio and transmitting it over the radio. Using this method allows you to send great quality color photos over long distances.( I have sent and received pictures from as far away as Australia!) The most popular frequency for this is 14.230 and 14.233 mhz. Click on this link: SSTV to download some software for this mode of communication.

Got some old radio gear you want to sell for some extra cash? Or maybe your looking to buy some new used radio gear? This link will send you to a great HAM RADIO CLASSIFIEDSpage

I also, being from Indiana, love basketball. So it is only fitting that I have a page for my favorite sport. So check out my HOOPS page

Check out my Picture Gallery containing pictures of other operators as they were recieved on 20 meters SSTV

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